Groups, colleagues or teams can come for karate lessons where cooperation and a personal connection are key concepts. The lessons provide collective insights that lead to better personal and business performance.  

  • Better teamwork
  • Understanding each other
  • Enhances understanding of yourself
  • Gives insight
  • Improves business performance


If a team does not work in synergy or perform well, or people work too individually it is good to point out their own behaviour and that of each another. During several exercises we will show that some people can work together very well, while others will clash or just argue with each other. Who stands out as a leader, who is a follower? Who is not afraid to voice their opinion, and who keeps quiet? Discover the causes of this behaviour and learn to turn this to your advantage for optimal performance.

BAM Coaching

During the team building training everyone is taken out of their physical and mental comfort zone. This brings out characteristics which are discussed in an individual conversation. During these conversations you will be confronted with your own actions. Physical behaviour will have been observed and linked to behaviour in the workplace. Here the psychological processes behind this behaviour play a central role.



The different personalities are identified within the team. The feedback provides clear insights, triggering a confrontation with their daily routines. Awareness ensures that the unhealthy routines can be broken in order for individuals to perform better, improve cooperation and improve business performance.

“Enrich your team with BAM coaching
and achieve better results together”

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