BAM Coaching offers professional coaching for people or businesses who wish to be empowered for optimal performance in their work. By providing clear insights into the current situation, coach Ben Schouten makes sure people reinvigorate their development. This results in changes necessary to increase quality, on a personal level and as a team. To achieve this he offers the following coaching services:

Individual Coaching

Within a couple of conversations we get to the core of your stagnation and discover why you are not functioning optimally. By applying various methods and exercises you are confronted with your own behaviour and reach the BAM moment: The insight into what it takes to break certain patterns in your behaviour. By going beyond your comfort zone you create change, and the road to the new you is created.

Individual coaching with training

During a karate lesson you perform exercises in which you are taken out of your comfort zone physically. This brings characteristics to the surface which will be discussed during an individual conversation. It will be like looking into a mirror. This confrontation will challenge you to push your physical and mental limits, which will ultimately lead to a better performance and increased confidence.

Self-defence training

Self-defence training is a physical training which focusses on the philosophy of oriental martial arts. You will learn small movements to repel an undesirable situation, or to break away if someone grabs you. The mental aspect of knowing what to do when someone or something crosses you boundaries, gives you strength. This strength radiates to everything you do, and enhances your quality of life.

Resilience training

Learn to verbally state your limits in situations where you feel uncomfortable. By using role play you discover when you reach your limit, and why this becomes a problem. The goal is to learn to define these limits, so that no one exceeds them, and you can continue to feel comfortable in all situations. You will learn to defuse aggressive behaviour with a positive approach and are therefore a calling card for yourself and your company.


Groups, colleagues or teams can attend karate lessons where the central theme is connecting with yourself. The coach distinguishes between personalities and situations and will give feedback on his observations in an individual conversation. This leads to shared understanding of patterns which can be changed where necessary for individuals to perform more effectively, enhance collaboration and achieve a higher operating profit.


BAM provides active workshops to improve mental and physical resilience for employees of companies, institutions and government agencies. You can choose from a very wide range of martial arts. During the workshops effective self-defence techniques are taught and practiced with students in a pleasant and very accessible manner. This enables everyone to participate regardless of age or physical condition.