Learn to feel physically and mentally stronger based on traditional martial arts. Know how to react if someone approaches you with an attitude that feels threatening to you. 

  • Your self-confidence grows
  • You stand up for yourself
  • You learn effective techniques
  • You create tranquillity
  • You exude strength


Self-defence training is a form of coaching for everyone where personal contact can become physical. You will learn to respond in a pleasant and accessible manner to situations where, for example someone takes your hand or arm. And you will be prepared for situations in which someone approaches you with an attitude that feels threatening for you.

BAM Coaching

During training, you practice simple but highly effective techniques to fend off an unwanted situation, attack or to break away if someone grabs you. Herein lies the bridge to the martial arts, allowing you to keep a calm and tranquil mind, which emerges especially at times when you’re in an awkward situation. Other people will instinctively feel this. You do not have to be big or strong – you can all radiate tremendous self-confidence just by standing still. So people will not even think about approaching you at close range or to attack.


Experience shows that if you practice this, your confidence will grow rapidly and thereby change your attitude instantly. Just this change in attitude decreases the risk that you end up in a bad situation. You change from within, and this will be radiated outward. You’ll be prepared to get out of any threatening situation.

Improve the quality of your life,
with a confident attitude.

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