BAM Coaching - Agressie training

Learn to state your limits, so that no one gets a chance to challenge them. With a peacefull and tranquil mind you now stand strong if people raise their voices, swear or even seem threatening.

  • You learn to deal with aggression effectively
  • You radiate self-confidence
  • You become aware of your own behaviour
  • Improve your quality of life
  • You get control over unwanted behaviour


Resilience training is a non-physical form of coaching for everyone in customer relations. If you have to deal with situations where people sometimes raise their voices, swear or even seem threatening, it can cause you to feel uncomfortable and not know what to do. During resilience training you learn how to deal with this assertively, and how you can state your limits in these situations.

BAM Coaching

The courses cover both theoretical work, and role-playing with actors. Firstly we figure out where the problem lies. How intimidated do you feel by verbal communication for example? To what extent do you feel comfortable when someone comes near you? How do you communicate when someone crosses your boundaries? By imitating existing situations in your workplace, your behaviour will be tested immediately.

For this training BAM Coaching works with external trainers and actors who are specialists in this field.


Psychology comes into play here, which can make this training confrontational in nature. Fortunately, you also learn how to diffuse other people’s aggressive behaviour. With simple exercises you achieve great results, which you can apply in your daily work immediately. How to deal effectively with aggression not only provides personal benefits to you, it also indicates a professional attitude towards the customer and you act as a calling card for the company.

“Learn to state your limits verbally and get out
of uncomfortable situations confidently”.

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