Succesvol coachen door BAM Coaching Amsterdam

My premise is that successful coaching is based on insight and results. To achieve this I use my ability to perceive and change. I use myself as a tool. I reflect the feelings I get from you, like a mirror. With my spiritual approach I get to the core of the issues incredibly quickly. Sometimes the emotions come to the surface within minutes, without knowing the person.

“Unorthodox is the art of coaching
which leads to getting you moving again.”

Obstacles and body language

In practice, I will be looking for your beliefs that lead to thoughts, feelings and perceptions which can stand in your way. But I also observe your body language – that often leads to a pathway of change. Through my experience with consciousness and meditation I can help you find the ‘way to yourself’.

Unorthodox interventions

Unorthodox is the art of coaching which leads to you getting moving again. This style of coaching is characterized by professional proximity, astute perception, clear diagnosis and interventions at both a mental and emotional level.

It is essential that the intervention reaches you in such a way that you’re willing to break out of your comfort zone. To achieve this I use my mental, empathic and sensory perceptions to bring about changes at these three levels.

Unorthodox and daring

Which pattern needs to be broken, when and how, is the methodical question. It breaks through not only existing archetypes to you as a person, it takes guts to go outside your own beaten path, because of this unorthodox coaching is often experienced as disruptive.


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