BAM Coaching - Individuele coaching
Step outside your physical comfort zone during a karate lesson and come to new insights about your behaviour. Change this through coaching, so that you perform better and increase your confidence.
  • You create movement
  • You push your limits
  • You become mentally stronger
  • You gain insights into yourself
  • You improve the quality of your life


Individual coaching with training is for anyone who wants to perform better, both on a personal and business level. The goal is to learn what behaviour you exhibit and what the pros and cons are of this behaviour, for yourself and for others, personal or in the workplace. By working with these new insights, you will change and improve the quality of your life.

BAM Coaching Training

During karate training you will be taken out of your comfort zone in a physical way. Physical responses will be observed and discussed in the individual coaching that follows. In the conversation philosophy, psychology and spiritualism will be incorporated in the desire for personal development or business objectives.


As in karate winning or losing is not important. It is about performing to the best of your ability. You learn to know your own physical and mental limits and extend them. Discover the success of the fight within yourself. “He who conquers others is strong, who conquers himself is mighty.” (Lao Tzu).This leads to better performance and increased confidence in all areas of daily life.

“Extend your physical and mental limits,
be victorious in the fight against yourself.”

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