Time for change with BAM Coaching by individual coaching
Discover why you do not function optimally and change these patterns of behaviour. Step outside your comfort zone, get moving, and change into the person you want to be. 
  • You get moving

  • You get energy
  • You improve your performance
  • Your confidence grows
  • Your Moment of Change


If you get stuck the first place it will manifest is your daily work. It can arise from conflicts with colleagues or supervisors, stagnation in perfectionism, too much on your plate, loss of focus on future prospects, if you feel generally unhappy, but simply do not know why or how to change it.

Individual BAM Coaching

An individual coaching session starts with discovering what you need to do based on the stagnation. BAM coach Ben Schouten detects character traits and gives feedback without judgment. The confrontation allows you to decide whether and how you want to use this feedback. The coach uses different tools such as functional analysis, breathing techniques and meditation exercises to reach certain insights.


Behaviour is always traceable and goes back a long way, often to your youth. These do not change overnight, it is deeply rooted in your personality. The BAM moment is an insight into this behaviour and the first step to want to change this. This requires action, a path is made by walking on it. BAM Coaching takes you by the hand, so that eventually you can continue by yourself.

“Change your behavior and take
the first step to a new you!”

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