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Ben Schouten is eigenaar van BAM Coaching in Amsterdam

Self-defense workshop Kapap Krav Maga Saturday 21 Sep 2019

BAM Coaching is organizing another self-defense workshop Kapap Krav Maga for men and women on Saturday 21 September 2019. - During the accessible training you practice simple but very effective techniques. You don't have to be big or strong. This Israeli form of self-defense is specially made to withstand every situation. - The results of the [...]

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KRAV Kapap defense training

BAM Coaching wil organise workshops Self-defense training for men and women. In this training you learn to feel physically and mentally stronger based on traditional martial arts. Know how to react if someone approaches you with an attitude that feels threatening to you. You don't have to be big and strong. Self-defence training is a form [...]

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Your BAM moment

The BAM moment is your moment of insight, and change in the coaching process. It requires a process of effort and patience to get to this moment. From that moment you can redeem yourself.  

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