BAM Coaching is Ben Schouten’s coaching company. BAM Coaching provides professional guidance to people or companies which want to be empowered for optimal performance. Coaching consists of individual conversations and / or group training.

Ben specializes in resilience and assertiveness training. To achieve this he explains parallels with traditional martial arts like Karate and Jiu Jitsu, and also the modern Israeli martial art Krav Maga (Kapap) of which he is an experienced teacher. During the talks Ben uses his spiritual antenna to get to the core of the problem and initiate the process of change within the coachee.

BAM Coaching is Ben Schouten’s coaching company.
“People are amazing. I am always curious
about people and ask interested questions.
What motivates people to do what they do?”


Based on a genuine interest in people, I developed my passion for philosophy, psychology and meditation throughout my life. The cultivation of my own spiritual antenna also brought me into contact with inexplicable but wonderful influences and energy. I realized that we are all connected to the same source that sustains us. I learned to accept reality as a starting point more and more, with the realization of here and now (there is no other time!), to live with a clear direction.

Education and experience

After Atheneum (secondary education) I followed several HBO programs (college degrees) in Criminal Investigation Work, Social Legal Services and Facility Management. Throughout my career, I have been able to use a variety of skills that I have learned during this training. As a senior detective, Unit Chief of senior detectives and then as Facility Manager for the City of Amsterdam, I learned to encourage my colleagues and employees and motivate their personal development. I have also worked as a mentor in the diagnostic centre of Amsterdam council.

Master in the art of war

In addition, I have practiced old Oriental Martial Arts since the age of 15 and enthusiastically teach Genwakai karate in my own dojo (hyperlink: Bushido Dojo). The experience in these various functions has developed my sense of understanding of the human psyche and to help others in their self-awareness. I am able to look from different perspectives, and able to use this more effectively, my education to become a recognized coach was the next logical step. From my experience, sensitivity, balance, compassion, awareness and stability, and the need I feel to help people, BAM Coaching was born.


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