Empower yourself so you can fully utilize your potential! Get moving and change! BAM Coaching would like to support you. Coaching is possible in groups or individually.


Learn to feel physically and mentally stronger based on traditional martial arts. Know how to react if someone approaches you with an attitude that feels threatening to you.


Learn to define your boundaries in situations where you do not feel comfortable. When people raise their voices, swear or even seem threatening you will be able to stay calm and composed.


Groups, colleagues or teams can come to karate lessons where exercises in groups are key. These provide shared insights that lead to better performance individually and collectively.

Bam Coaching, Your moment of change
What is BAM Coaching

What is BAM Coaching

BAM Coaching offers professional guidance if you stagnate in your work. By breaking behavioural patterns, we create movement and change which improves the quality of your life. You will function better, be more confident, and your self-esteem increases. You will radiate these inner changes to the outside world. The results will be applicable in your daily life through your own personal strength. BAM Coaching is certified for professional coaching with the quality label by ST!R  Coaching.

BAM Coaching Traditional martial arts

Traditional martial arts

BAM is a robust way of coaching, with a powerful approach that is rooted in oriental martial arts. The wisdom of the martial arts contains a message of tranquillity, balance and inner peace. Your primary fight is not with an opponent, but with yourself. Take up the challenge to step out of your comfort zone and extend your limits. This encourages you even more to achieve your goals.

BAM Coaching Business

BAM Business

Effective team building training creates wonderful insights for individuals within existing groups. This stimulates awareness that everyone must be committed to collective improvement. This development on a personal and business level is embraced by both the employer and employee. BAM is able to bring together any group to form a coherent team to pursue the same objectives as a whole, which will lead to better results. See our testimonials.

Why BAM Coaching? Amsterdam
  • It gets you moving, and challenges you to 
change what previously seemed impossible
  • Increases the quality of work and life for individuals and groups
  • Leads to better performance and increased self-confidence
  • Discovers and breaks through your mental boundaries 
based on traditional martial arts
  • Gets to the core of the issues amazingly fast with a spiritual approach
BAM Coaching, Offers results which are immediately applicable in your everyday life.
Enrich your life with BAM Coaching and become a better human being.

BAM Coaching news

KRAV Kapap defense training

BAM Coaching wil organise workshops Self-defense training for men and women. In this training you learn to feel physically and mentally stronger based on traditional martial arts. Know how to react if someone approaches you with an attitude that feels threatening [...]


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